Triple threat plus one. Liz Williams is a quadruple threat. She dances, she acts, she sings and most importantly, she trills the audience flying and floating through the air with her dynamic aerial skills. Blending her years of dance and theater training with her autodidact aerial circus training, she will take you on an emotional journey.  Her liquid vulnerability is juxtaposed with her strength and explosive dynamic. She will surprise and mesmerize you at every turn.


A native Floridian, she began her dance training the PCCA Performing Arts high school.  Moving to New York, she continued training at the State University of New York Conservatory of Dance, Purchase NY.  Her studies included ballet, contemporary/modern dance, choreography, improvisation, music, singing, acting, yoga & anatomy.  She graduated Cum Laude.  Remaining in NYC, after graduating, she danced for various choreographers including David Grenke, Rebecca Hilton and Howard Katz. And she studied ballet intensely with Janet Panetta.

Through a strange and unexpected opportunity, Liz found herself on a 90 ft sailing barge, learning aerial tissue/silks and touring the eastern United States, with a very special theater company. She fell in love with circus arts and determined to learn more, she moved to Berlin Germany, where she continued to develop as an aerial artist.

Since then she has performed in the major German Varieties, countless corporate events and many very interesting shows, including musical and dance theater.  Liz brings grace, power and drama to the stage. Her innovative work integrates the worlds of dance, theater and media with the world of contemporary circus.